Science Lab

Science Lab (PCM)

The Laboratory practical contains comprehensive hands-on practice of laboratory experiments that are academically aligned and mirror those performed on campuses around the world.

We have a well furnished, large physics practical lab having a separate dark room of for optics experiments. There are more than 45 experiment and more than 70 apparatus for B.Sc. students.

Various important experiments on Bar Pendulum, Katter’s Pendulum, Bending of beam, Polari meter, Moment of Inertia, Nodal Slide, Newton’s ring, Calibration of Voltmeter, Calibration of Ammeter, Neon Lamp, P.N. Junction Diode etc are conducted in the laboratory.

We believe that the graduation in B.Sc. with PCM stream will provides you the core knowledge of science and avail you the opportunities in distinguished fields of science & technology.

Core knowledge of science is the only way of occupy leading positions in research institutes and industrial laboratories in India and the world over.

Science Lab (ZBC)

Zoology and Botony Lab at Lotus provides scientific study of the animal kingdom, along with its evolution, diversity and environment. Our Zoology lab & Botony Lab are well equipped with all necessary facilities for higher studies. The equipments are based on the latest technology. Practical work involves building knowledge of both the structure of different kinds of animals and how they function, and the complex relationships that govern how animals relate to each other and their surroundings. Zoology also provides fundamental information on three areas of our society, the environment, food production and human health.

The high tech lab highlights the major concerns of modern zoology in relation to environmental and medical biology, and introduces the young scientists to cell biological and other analytical techniques, fieldwork and computer-aided data handling procedures.

Some important practicals covered during the session may be mentioned as Dissection of Animal,Permanent slide preparation ,embryological physiological & cytological experiments, Study of bones, pests, insects & plant, nematodes & edible fishes & parasites, counting of blood cells, study of ecosystem, immunology, biotechnology, animal bahaviour, toxicology.

Laboratory has a good arrangement of equipments like Microscope, Hemoglobinometer, ph meter, Colorimeter , haemocytometer, Centrifuge , Incubator , Microtone etc.