Language Lab

The young learners have to impart skills to merge into a dynamic society where knowkedge, culture, technology and attitude are changing at an alarming speed. Digital Language Lab with all its features helps the student to update their knowledge, skills and attitudes in communication. The Teacher/Linguist can design and create new and interesting materials for a computer added classroom with a communicative approach.

Self Pacing

The students may work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability.

Developing Listening Skills

Listening skills are an essential element in becoming linguistically fluent. The Digital Language Lab help students develop good listening skills that aid the process of communication. Students hear the correct pattern of pronunciation from their PC’s through headsets instead of mimicking other student’s improper pronunciation and slang.

Native Speaker/Different Voices

The Digital lab provides students with a variety of model voices rather than just the voice of the teacher (whether a native speaker or not). Our most modern systems have a model voice feature allowing a native speaker to converse which is used as a model voice to be heard and repeated.


The students have the ability to read the text, repeat and record their own voices along with the master stimulus. Each student can be working interactively on different segments within the same program or be working with completely different program material. Students can retrieve and hear their recorded voices together with the model voice.

Writing (Typing)

Students have the provision to type (write) the text which they read.