Director's Message

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Management education in India is big and booming business. It is, however, notoriously competitive and demanding.

Companies are increasingly focusing on the value-added competitive edge through employees. It is  but necessary for Schools of Business to provide "value-added" education to students.

Creativity and innovation alone will provide the cutting edge differentiation emphasizing on culture change, individual coaching and whole-person development -  some of the initiatives included in the LOTUS EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY. The Philosophy  will offer students with an experience to prepare them for the new management challenges while tying academics closely to the executive perspective.

Lotus is as yet a small fish in the ocean of management education. But we are confident of our initiatives.  We have a clear focus on all educational Programs and with a growing and impressive faculty, one of the best in-class support system, academic ambience and processes,   the goal is well in sight. Lotus is an effort in turning a graduate into a life long student who continually learns from the school of life.

Experience the difference and be a part of the new paradigm of management education !!

Dr. Pankaj Dixit 
Director, Lotus Institute of Management