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When we are born we do not have a choice. But there after in every situation we have a choice to make. It is this choice which makes us what we are today from what we would have been. At every step of life we have been making these choices.

As managers we have to handle several business situations. For some we are prepared in advance and for some we are not. In both the scenarios we make choices. Thus, to make some choices we are well prepared and we make some choices based on our instinct.

We, as Management Guru's have termed this making of choices as decision-making. At Lotus Institute of Management, students will be put to several real and practical business situations by way of case studies, role-plays, simulations, presentations etc. They will understand and analyze these situations. Working both in Groups and on individual basis students will solve several business related problems and issues under simulated situations. Thus we shall be able to prepare a stream of young managers with better insight so that they can take decisions better than others.

With the kind of culture Lotus Institute of Management has students passing out from Lotus will be a big asset to their family, society, organization and their country. They will make choices that will not be self-centered but will have a wider prospective and will be benefit the entire society.

With this hope and objective in mind I wish all the best to the young managers who have chosen us as their B-School and assure their parents that the child's future is in safe hands.

Our Chairman Abhishek Agarwal is an Alumnus/Pass Out From:-

  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

Abhishek Agarwal
Chairman, Lotus Institute of Management